Tuesday, November 18

Papa Bear You're Chair Has Been Replaced....

With a treadmill...

I have also moved Rosco's bed downstairs. He was very happy about this because I don't think he likes laying on the hard floor. His tail was just vibrating as he layed down on it....

That's all I got. Tomorrow I will post a picture of Noah getting his sandbox. Hopefully Uncle Marvin will come on here and see the look of joy in Noah's eye's and feel better about not out-bidding us.

I will not take a bow for this fab post. I'll let someone else...

Monday, November 3


I've been forewarned that when mom and dad are away I'm going to need to blog. So, I better start doing some warm up sessions.

I'm downstairs facing the last weekend with mom and dad before they leave. I'm working on a CD I want to send with them along their journey. It's a little hard to not just fill it with the depressing sap I've been listening to since Dad first starting getting sick. Mostly it's filled with pain and struggle but in the end hope. As I've mentioned here I'm a big fan of depressing music. It makes me happy and warm and understood when I'm feeling sad. Totally backwards. I should be listening to "June Afternoon" to cheer up but really who would we be kidding? It's not a bright June afternoon is it? It's November and it's chilly and dark and rainy and I rear-ended someone this morning. Yup, here comes the depressing song to listen to while I think about the pair of shoes I could have bought instead of buffing out scratches on my car. OK, I may have had to hit her a little harder than my light tap in order to measure up but I just noticed they are on sale. Sigh...pretty.

I must go decide what to wear to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tomorrow. It's very important to look good at 30 and attract male victims or I might still be haunted by my Uncle's quote when I'm 40 also:

"God love you Ang, because no one else will."

Enjoy the lovely visual show while you listen enraptured by my most favorite Christmas Carol of all time....

Friday, April 18

I can not believe I was in Spain and I didn't go here.

Thursday, January 31

Tag I'm It Again.

Here’s how it works: Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. Must be places or names…Nothing made up. Can’t use your own name for boy/girl’s name question. If you can’t answer, skip to next one.

1. Famous Singer: Ani Difranco - she's great. She has a song called "Fuck you" that is totally kick ass. Also, "I am not a pretty girl".

2. Four Letter Word: Anus. ha ha ha.

3. Street: Arlington - where I lived with THE worst boyfriend in history.

4. Colour: Amber - love a pair of earrings i bought is spain that have amber in them

5. Gifts/Present: A car.

6. Vehicle: Aston Martin - i would drive this...if i had to.

7. Things in Souvenir Shop: Aroma Candles. I have too many of these because I've been to too many candle parties.

8. Boy Name: Alex. My assistant's son's name is Alex. He's really cute. I don't think he likes me very much. Last time i was there, i came in and said "Hey Alex how's it going?" he said "Not you again" then ran into his bedroom.

9. Girl Name: Anna. I like this name. it's ok. i've always wanted to be named charly. like the guy name but spelt different.

10. Movie title: Addicted to love. This is the best movie. meg ryan is one of my favorite actors. you need to see this movie. here's my favorite quote:

Maggie: When I was a kid, my father had this dog that started to get all weak and sickly. He takes it to the vet, he examines it and says a maggot must have laid eggs in the dog's butt. The baby maggots have crawled up, now they've started to grow, and eventually they're gonna eat the dog alive from the inside. He says it should be put to sleep, because it's an old dog anyway. But father won't do it. He takes the dog home, he puts it on the bed, he reaches up into the dog, picking out the maggots with his finger, one by one. It takes him all night, but he gets every last one. That dog outlived my father. That's love, Sam.

11. Drink: alcohol...all of them.

12. OCCUPATION: Air traffic controller. I know one. He's drunk a lot. Before i left for switzerland i called him to see if he was working. he said yes. i asked him not to drink the night before. lol. he said he works better hung over. i think he was joking. but how am i to know. i didn't die. that's all that matters.

13. Celebrity: matt damon.

14. Magazine: American Cheerleader.

15. City: Alicante in spain.

16. Sports: air hockey. i think its a sport.

17. Fruit: apple. i don't really like apples unless they are in apple crisp.

18. Reason for Being Late to work: ate too many jalapeno's last night, couldn't get off the crapper.

19. Something that you throw away: anything i want to.

20. Something you shout: argh! thank god it's done!!!!

Tuesday, January 8

Happy Birthday Pappa Bear

Today, is my dad's birthday. I forgot until now, when I walked in the door. I even saw him this morning and I didn't say a word. But, then again neither did he.

I'll try and talk about my Dad for a bit, but it might be hard. I've had a couple of pretty emotional three days. A lot of fear and a lot of "what ifs". One day, after a bad day I went to mom and dad's house and I cried. And Dad came upstairs and he hugged me for a long time while I sobbed and after I thought of this statement.

The measure of a man.

It's been in my head since. I thought about how short he's become but how huge he is to me, to my family. I thought about how strong he is. How he can still hold me and be strong for me, when I should be the stronger one. I'm not sick, I'm not in pain, and I would think it would be harder for him to see us all worrying and in pain over this. But my Dad isn't weak. He's tough. Man he's so tough. I don't look at him and see a sick man or a shorter man or a weaker man. I just sit in awe of his strength and his courage. I see how much my brothers respect him and how much my nephews worship him and how me and Becky are blubbering messes over him. I see a bond between my Mom and Dad so strong I can't even begin to describe the pride I have for having parents like mine. My Dad has unconditional love and I don't like to think about that love leaving before I want it to. I see what God is when I see my Dad. It's the only time really that I do. He's an example of what a man should be. And I know he prays for me all the time. That makes me feel good inside.

So, he may have gotten shorter but to me he just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And really I don't think anyone will ever measure up to my Dad. I love you.

I will end with my two favorite quotes from my Dad:

"Use your head for more than keeping your ears apart"

"This discussion is over"

Saturday, January 5

My Mother Has An Addiction

My mom has become this blogging face booking maniac and needs help. I have an intervention in mind but it will involve moving the computer back downstairs. This will be very hard on her. I hope everyone will rally around her and show support. Bring her cookies and milk.

Tag, I'm it.
I don't feel like going through all my posts, so I'm just gonna pick a few favorites and this should keep everyone happy for a few more months. Or maybe I should try and be like Melissa and post every day. Hmmmm, I'll think about it. I know it would make my mother and my sister very happy.

My top 10 in no particular order.

1. OCD That's Just Me
This is so you can all get to know me again.

2. If I Were To Become An Alcoholic
Good times.

3. Retraction

4. Pister

5. Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

6. It's a Blogiversary
Ah, the comments. The memories.

7. The Braun Christmas

8. Pick me, Choose me, Love me.

9. Tag, I'm It

10. I don't have any more favs.

There you go mom. Now I'm going to bed.