Wednesday, July 26

OCD That's Just Me

Results of "The Test"
How obsessive are you?

Your score = 70

What does your score mean?
While you don't appear to be completely obsessive, you do have some hang-ups about certain things. These idiosyncrasies could be about cleanliness or a specific area of your life, like work or relationships. Or they may simply be those little obsessive habits that most of us have, even though we know they are silly - like checking the mailbox twice…just to make sure! As long as these quirks are not preventing you from doing things or disturbing your life in any way - or the lives of those close to you - then there is probably no harm in them. Just keep them in check and you shouldn't run into any trouble.

Things I obsess about:

I don't like it when people touch me. I don't like it when people are too close. They "hover". Drives me nuts. I will purposfully stick my elbows out or swing any kind of object around me to get people to back up. Or I will just full out tell people to back off. I've done it on many occasions. Or I hate when your sitting by someone and their arm is lightly touching mine. Gives me the heebeegeebee's.

I don't like it when people put their fingers in my food. I freak out. Today I brought cut up chunks of watermellon to work. In the morning Tips grabbed some and generally I don't care when she eats my stuff because we share and I know she's clean. But our mantenance guy here came and stuck his fingers in my bowl without asking and ate some. And I flipped. Pretty sure people currently see me as a bit of a nutjob now but I can't help it. Now the rest of my mellon has gone to waste.

I hate bugs. So far to the point of making me throw up if they land on me or I see them crawling or I think about squishing them. If I can, I get someone else to kill them while I run away dry heaving. A beetle crawled into my flip flop at work and I haven't worn them since.

I used to do this thing where I would put all my hangers 2 fingers apart from eachother in my closet. I can't do it right now because my closet is too small to fit things so nicely but perhaps in my new place I can start doing it again. It looks so nice and your clothes don't get all wrinkled.

I'm obessed with the smell of clean laundry. I douse my clothes with soap and fabric softener. I wash my sheets way to much just so I can go to bed with the smell of clean clothes.

Icecubes gross me out. I don't like icecubes in freezers. I will put them in my drinks but most of the time I don't. Something about uncovered icecubes just sitting there in the open. I bought this new tray that has a cover and seals up and I like it a lot.

I don't touch handles, rails, escalators or door knobs. If I can I walk through doors pushing them open with my elbows. There are many people like this I'm sure. One too many shows out there on TLC letting everyone know how gross and dirty public places are.

I can't even think of the fact that there are things crawling on me right now that I can't see. Oh great, now I just ruined eating my ketchup chips.

Clothes get folded an certain way and only that way.

I can't sleep if I have drawers open even a crack in my dressers. I lay and stare at them until it drives me to the edge of insanity. I lay there trying to tell myself it's no big deal just go sleep but it doesn't work.

I'm so afraid of the dark its not even funny. I have a nightlight in every socket of my house. Two in the living room, one in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and hallway. Also a lamp in my room that never gets shut off.

My sister gets this one....I hate hearing people chew. More than that I hate hearing people drink things. Like gulp something. I just sit there and stare with a look of discust that I can't hide.

I don't take out my trash unless I absolutely have to. I don't mind taking my trash out to my door. But going to the back and opening that gross black mass of germs combined from everyone living in a 4 house radius just grosses me out. RANK!

There....a small amount of what bothers me. There's more I just don't want to type anymore.


Unknown said...

Wow, where did you take that test? That's pretty... special. I have some weird things, too. I'm terrified of the dark. And lots of other strange things.

Carol said...

I just hate grasshoppers...oh yeah and liars too. Wait....nah, I think that's about it that comes to mind at the moment.

Melanie said...

I agree with the sheets, and the smell of fabric softener. I love it. Clothes are the same way for me, and hangers, and I don't have a dresser, but I can't sleep with the closet open even a little. I also am totally obsessed with going pee before bed. I probably go about 4 times in that last half hour before I go to sleep. This is because I'm scared of the dark and I HATE getting up in the middle of the night, for anything.

footsack said...

I can't beleive what a sick family we are. I'm not even going to tell you what I obsess about. Okay one thing. After I vacumm, I hate anyone walking on my rug. I want the vacumm marks to stay there as long as possible. I love the feeling of a clean house and when the marks are all gone, I feel like I need to vacumm again. I know...I'm sick just like all the rest of you.

Margaret said...

I am so thankful for cordless phones. I can't stand seeing a phone with a twisted phone cord. I used to go to Sue's house and her phone that hung on the kitchen wall would have this long twisted phone cord. I would sit in the kitchen and that phone cord would just drive me nuts. As soon as she left the room I would jump up and untwist it. I'm sure she caught me a few times and wondered what I was doing with her phone. I also will quit eating if I hear someone chew with their mouth open. That will actually make me nautious. We are a sick family.
(Is that how you spell nautious?)

Unknown said...

I just remembered some things that I do... I have a certain rhythm and beat for when I brush my teeth. If I mess up and get the rhythm wrong and I end up on the wrong beat, it bugs me. And if I'm doing something that gets only one of my hands wet, I have to rub them together so they are both slightly damp. Even if there is a towel nearby. Then I toweldry them both. I think I remember that phone cord at Auntie Susan's. I did the same thing. And it's spelt nauseous.

Margaret said...

Thanks Carrie. I could have gone to a dictionary, but then I would have had to get up, go upstairs, ... you get the picture.