Saturday, January 5

My Mother Has An Addiction

My mom has become this blogging face booking maniac and needs help. I have an intervention in mind but it will involve moving the computer back downstairs. This will be very hard on her. I hope everyone will rally around her and show support. Bring her cookies and milk.

Tag, I'm it.
I don't feel like going through all my posts, so I'm just gonna pick a few favorites and this should keep everyone happy for a few more months. Or maybe I should try and be like Melissa and post every day. Hmmmm, I'll think about it. I know it would make my mother and my sister very happy.

My top 10 in no particular order.

1. OCD That's Just Me
This is so you can all get to know me again.

2. If I Were To Become An Alcoholic
Good times.

3. Retraction

4. Pister

5. Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

6. It's a Blogiversary
Ah, the comments. The memories.

7. The Braun Christmas

8. Pick me, Choose me, Love me.

9. Tag, I'm It

10. I don't have any more favs.

There you go mom. Now I'm going to bed.


Christine said...

Thanks...this should keep me busy for the morning. LOL

Christine said...

I made my way through Blogaversery. Ahem! I am not the one who needs an intervention! Anyway I think it took me an hour to get through that. What a masterpiece of comments. I laughed all over again and drank a pot of coffee.