Monday, November 3


I've been forewarned that when mom and dad are away I'm going to need to blog. So, I better start doing some warm up sessions.

I'm downstairs facing the last weekend with mom and dad before they leave. I'm working on a CD I want to send with them along their journey. It's a little hard to not just fill it with the depressing sap I've been listening to since Dad first starting getting sick. Mostly it's filled with pain and struggle but in the end hope. As I've mentioned here I'm a big fan of depressing music. It makes me happy and warm and understood when I'm feeling sad. Totally backwards. I should be listening to "June Afternoon" to cheer up but really who would we be kidding? It's not a bright June afternoon is it? It's November and it's chilly and dark and rainy and I rear-ended someone this morning. Yup, here comes the depressing song to listen to while I think about the pair of shoes I could have bought instead of buffing out scratches on my car. OK, I may have had to hit her a little harder than my light tap in order to measure up but I just noticed they are on sale. Sigh...pretty.

I must go decide what to wear to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tomorrow. It's very important to look good at 30 and attract male victims or I might still be haunted by my Uncle's quote when I'm 40 also:

"God love you Ang, because no one else will."

Enjoy the lovely visual show while you listen enraptured by my most favorite Christmas Carol of all time....


footsack said...

That light up show was amazing!

Toad said...

I just went back and read the comments from the "Tag I'm It" post and man, that was funny.

Sue said...

Yeah you posted!! I am trying to come up with something that would be worth posting and reading and I keep coming up Blank! But good for you . You inspire me!

Christine said...

I like the music we listened to on the way to Calgary. I did not find that depressing.

You rear ended somebody? Maybe I will find you some nice cheap shoes in Seattle. I can take pictures of them for approval.