Monday, February 4

and this is getting out of hand

70 words

free Touch typing


Christine said...

Show-off! LOL!

Stella Sqwatstopee said...

tsk. tsk.

that's it?


Becky said...

You're so weird.

Avaelyn said...

Haha. Fantastic. I've tried twice. First time I got 50, but I got distracted by Cars on the TV. Second time I got 59. Now I need to try again.

Avaelyn said...

Third try: 68

I will beat your score. Just thought I'd let you know. I won't let words like "people" slow me down.

Becky said...

People? People is one of the easy and fun ones! People people people people people people people! Easy! Fun!

I also like mountain, someone, understand, doing, etc. Anything with lots of vowels all squished together. Easy! Fun!

Avaelyn said...

People requires me to use my right pinky finger, which I, for the most part, do NOT do, and I usually screw it up. Without using the backspace button, I will now attempt to type people 10 times in a row. Ready and... go.

Apeople peolpe people people people poeple peoplepeople people people.

I think that was 10. Maybe. I have to try again, though. THIS time I will be typing on my very own computer, not Kyle's laptop. Results are forthcoming.

Avaelyn said...

Oh hey, Ang? 76. 7. 6. Check my blog.